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My Amulet meme (template by RLwolfygirl) :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 8 2 Tale as Old as Time: Amulet OC :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 7 5 Amulet self made meme :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 5 20 Amulet: Fire and Ice (the redraw, begone old one) :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 16 17 Happy birthday 4everacow!! :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 2 5 Random Sketchdump 1 :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 3 11 Secret Santa Present 2015 :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 7 2 Happy 2016! :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 7 7 ZESH :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 6 29 Wolf Spirit :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 4 8 The Winter Scrooge :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 2 15 Enareia Sketches :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 1 0 Max Griffin Sketchs/ Tribute :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 9 8 Amulet OC: Enareia Frostblade :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 5 24 Siren/ Selkie Hybrid OCs: Cymopoleia and Ephyra :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 6 8 Dog OC: Alice :iconshadowofthetempest:ShadowoftheTempest 1 4
( Ahaha look if you want old deviations cause eye burn warning XD)

Critique is appreciated!


Ruby Volume 4 :iconsorairo-wolf:Sorairo-Wolf 362 16 Yang - RWBY :iconalifluro:AliFluro 219 12 snow wife :iconatsunyan:atsunyan 62 3 red like roses rwby fan art :iconriesoleil:riesoleil 407 21 time skip Yang :iconnaitourse:NaitouRSE 271 10 MadoRWBY :iconyuri-murasaki:yuri-murasaki 252 37 travel n :iconregalclaw:RegalClaw 106 5 Aizu :icondiasprid:Diasprid 68 7 Undertale Dog :iconyoshiyaki:yoshiyaki 3,770 191 Ao :icondaylightsaver:daylightsaver 40 13 Project LIFE 8_1: Aftermath (The Clown) :iconbilliam-x:Billiam-X 151 58 Blood Moon Akali :iconyumiaisaka:YumiAisaka 15 0 Volume 4 Ruby Rose :iconcslucaris:CSLucaris 1,486 86 [RWBY] PSA :iconaikiyun:AikiYun 222 71 Comic ~ Those boards don't work on water :iconkaleta:Kaleta 243 14 Skin Concept: Hextech Elise :iconanodesu:Anodesu 170 22




I have officially moved to -> !!

It's because this account is undeniably messy and disorganised (but it's also because I did't like my username anymore haha)

This account, ShadowoftheTempest, is now archived. ( so you if something random is posted here, it's because of a hacker)

If you want to follow me again, go over to my new account, link above.

It's been a great year here guys, big thanks to all my friends and the amazing people I've met. Let's hope I get to talk to you guys again!

Ren out!
My Amulet meme (template by RLwolfygirl)
 First of all, I did not do this (cos I have no idea how most digital stuff works ahaha *sweats*), RLwolfygirl kindly offered to make a digital template for those who wanted to try out my self made Amulet meme!

So the production credit of this goes to her!

(If you want to do this, go ahead! And if you're a traditional artist, you can just write down the questions like I did lol messy /kicked)

And now for the rules!
1. No sexual references or vulgar, unless it has a big fat censor bar on it.
2. Credit me and RLwolfygirl ( Original idea/production respectively) , and send a link back to this one if you do it.
3. Do not to make any trans/homophobic jokes, or any other extremely touchy subjects.
4. Send me a note with a link if you do this, so that I can keep track of stuff.

Have fun doing this! :D
Tale as Old as Time: Amulet OC
( Tried going for the stained glass style? Not satisfied with the background colouring though.)

( I need Beauty and the beast based characters )

Lumiere ( Light in French) Roseraie (Rose garden in French) ( Both in French??)

Personality: A bookworm who may seem rather mellow, quiet and cool most of the times, but doesn't lack the ability to socialise with others, she can still manage a decent conversation with others. Seen as a mysterious figure, many are first intimidated by her, but gradually warm up after she breaks her shell. As someone who believes in equality, she is strongly against the cruelty which the Elf King and his minions have displayed, this prompting her to join the Resistance. This means that she is extremely driven to the point of stress.

Although shown to be a introvert with a obsession with books and a lack of intrest in most conversations, Lumiere is not afraid to speak out her mind, easily losing her temper against things she doesn't agree with. Stubborn and rebellious, she has proven to be a problem in meetings and missions, going against any order givens and acting independently. Also known to display a sarcastic side, and very, very touchy with the subject of elves and any sort of discrimination.

Despite being a problem to the leaders of the Resistance, she is still a key point in their tactics, having a wide range of knowledge ( mostly the books, but from other parts also), and being the hardcore person she is, literally willing to take anything thrown at her, even anything life-threatening.

A Resistance fighter who literally disagrees with most of the leaders and key members, the only reason she hasn’t been kicked out yet is because she is a extremely good fighter, but that's it.

Before that, her life was pretty mysterious, she only appeared on their doorstep asking to join one day, with nothing put the clothes on her back and her whips, since then she has stayed with them after proving her worth.

Like most, she has heard of the new stonekeeper of the Council, later traveling to Lucien with the other members of the Resistance. ( I think she would be one of those that got left behind, to protect the others from elf guards, or is it too sad?) 

Some design stuff:
  • She alludes both to Belle and the enchanted rose in the fairytale.
  • Yes, Her name is also a reference to Lumiere from the movie
  • No, I didn’t want to make her look like Belle from the movie, brown hair was a coincidence ( I don’t like Belle, okay? My favourite Disney Princess is Merida, but still….Beauty and the Beast)
  • The characters on her scarf, 玫瑰, mean 'rose' in chinese.
  • Those things at her hips are dual barbed whips, suppose to resemble rose thorns.
  • I made her because 1. Enareia has been moved to another verse *cough* totallynotsomethingthatstartswithR *cough* and 2. that song is addictive. 
  • Whoever the ‘Beast’ guy will be, he will also reference the enchanted mirror (No, I’m not going to make him. Whoever wants to, he is yours. And I will make artwork, more art.)
  • ( Might tweak some stuff later on, but not now.)
Amulet self made meme
(Solacier's Amulet meme. Do if you want to.)
1. Oh look! A Amulet fan! Introduce yourself!
2. Nice to meet you! Who are your favourite characters?
3. How about your least favourite?
4. Any pairings you like or hate?
5. What would you want to see more of in the books?
6. If you were in the books, what would you do?
7. Any Fan characters you've made?
8. Cross over time! What Fandom would you choose?
9. Draw a character which you haven't done yet!
10. Favourite minor character in the backgrounds?
11. Who gets a haircut? Trellis or Max?
12. Pick a character(s) and put he/she/them in a AU!
13. End of the meme! Any last words or tags?

Commentary by yours truly!
1.  Intro, nothing much (I am the angst queen)
2. Max at top (heh pretty obvious), Leon is second, Aly is third, Emily is fourth (she's the one I can make most art off due to motif stuff), Miskit is fifth and Ronin is sixth.
3. The voice, I swear he's the devil himself. He's a blob with a smile now, Mission accomplished. (and yes, the thing says 'Join the dork side. We have cookies")
4. I'm fine with any ships, just please, no incest.
5. Miskit's faces are priceless. And Leon's fight scenes are awesome. Also the Voice need to get his butt served on a silver platter.
6. Fighting for the Resistance on one side, exorcism on the Voice is a appealing choice though, he is the devil, and he must repent for his sins. (Sorry to any Christians, I mean no offence)
7. I replace Ena, she's in another fandom now, meet Lumiere Roseraie, with a Beauty and the Beast motif and a stubborn personality to boot.
8. RWBY, I mean, Ruby and Emily are similar, main characters, redheads, and both have lost a parent. 
9. Aly is awesome. Yes.
10. Samson is precious, Karen is just hardcore and Ronin is pro. Although I forgot to add Ronin.
11. I've seen too many 'Max and his precious spiky hair jokes', about time Trellis gets a haircut.
12. Ronin and Pierce in LAdolphingirl, RLwolfygirl and Emmokeygirl10's AU. I LOVE IT. Love 
13. It's 1 in the morning, and do this if you want, just credit me. Thank you.


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People's Republic of China
您好朋友门!我的画画不太好 哈哈哈~ 可是我还在学,根中文一样呢~ 谢谢您来到这里!QuQ

I'm ShadowoftheTempest, but my name is Ren, you can also refer to me as Autumn, Solacier or Shade.

A self taught artist who has only been taking drawing seriously since 2014, but has experience in oil paintings (I hardly do it these days but I love it) and photographs. Hardly gets anything done though. Professional Procrastinater & Eternally Tired Student present.

To do list:
- Vytal tournament stuff (this is 8 months overdue /dead )
- RWBY OC stuff ( When I say stuff I mean a ton of sketches and what evers)
- Start up world building for self made fandom and comic
- Amulet doodles
- *status: dying in stress, mostly the pure pressure of exams*
( I just collect art refs and get annoyed at politics and other serious matters on tumblr XD )

I know you guys in real life ( Some are dorks, all are friends and fantastic people):
:iconamberpinkfox2: (ships everywhere, nice potato. Always funnn)
:icon4everacow: ( ajshf such beautiful art
:iconwen123: ( A certain man who's name starts with 'G' is her husband. Anime.) :iconwilde-cheetah: ( 'WE ARE THE WARRIORS" cats and Troye Sivan / One Direction.)
:iconbearded-mademoiselle: ( Ballet, songs, dogs/cats, food recipes, books, pranks and much, much more.)

People I genuinely admire and have my undying respect:
:iconskitzopheliac: :iconyuumei: :iconqinni: :icondestinyblue: :iconshadowmistx92:
:iconcrazyfoxmimi: :iconbloodyrosalia: :iconsleepyroro: :iconkaneki-keni:

The "These people are awesome" list:
:iconladolphingirl: ( Sister :D )
:icontheeio: (Awesome person)
:iconraelx888: ( Holy ahh )
:iconastral-chan: ( Super Nice)
:iconclanemone: ( Fun conversations!)

( All are amazing people, keep going!)

(doodles that don't make it to deviantart)

( refs and world issues ranting.)


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